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The Second Act


Jill is a Pacific NW native who spent her formative years in inner NE Portland with her hardworking parents, four close siblings and her paternal grandfather.

Enamored with TV stars and eager to entertain from a very young age, Jill got her first taste of acting at twelve, when she played Jane Baxter, the little sister, in Booth Tarkington’s SEVENTEEN at the local high school.

Failing to land even an ensemble role as a freshman in her own high school’s production of CAMELOT, Jill put her acting dreams on hold for another 40 years.

During those intervening years, she honed her skills as an observer of human nature as she rose up the corporate ladder and volunteered in the community. Her proudest accomplishment was raising a wise and loving daughter, who has blessed her with two remarkable grandchildren! There has never been a more rewarding role than being ‘Nani’ to her little guys.

Finally garnering the courage to act on her dreams and with years of real life experience to bring to her craft, in her mid-50’s Jill started taking acting classes, found herself an agent and embarked on the journey of her life.

To date, she is best known for her performance as Barb in FRONT PORCHES, the award-winning short film by Katie Prentiss, where she was the Best Actress winner at the Atlanta Women’s Film Festival 2022.


Jane Baxter in SEVENTEEN
Jane Baxter in SEVENTEEN